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Will Nutritional Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

Weight loss and nutritional therapy

In short, absolutely!

More than feeling comfortable in our own skin, we deserve to feel fabulous every single day. For many of us, the thing that stops us from feeling great is our weight. Weight loss can feel like a constant battle with blood, sweat, tears, and an unsatisfied stomach to top it all off. As a nutritional therapist covering Cheshire and Manchester, I have established myself as a weight loss expert. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with clients whose health and happiness has been transformed through a supportive, sustainable and truly enjoyable weight loss journey. In this week’s blog, I want to share how nutritional therapy can truly help with weight loss and the maintenance of a full and healthy life – plus a few delicious recipes to get you started.

Nutritional Therapy – Not Just Another Diet

Weight loss and nutritional therapy

If you’re reading this, the chances are you have suffered through fad diets; you have been let down by the diet that worked wonders for the friend of a friend; you have punished yourself for giving into cravings when a diet left you hungry and unhappy. Nutritional therapy is different. Nutritional therapy works on a case-by-case basis. That is because, as humans, we are beautifully unique and our bodies respond to food in different ways. During your weight loss journey with nutritional therapy, your nutritional therapist will put together a specifically tailor made food plan. Full of delicious, wholesome and healthy recipes, you will be inspired to maintain a great and balanced diet throughout your life, rather than falling into bad habits once you reach your goal – this is typical of mass diets!

An Educational Approach to Weight Loss

Weight loss and nutritional therapy

Another issue that nutritional therapists have with generic diets is that millions of people jump on the band wagon without understanding exactly how it will help with their weight loss. In being uninformed, people are bound to lose interest.

Take a moment to think about when you were at school. Which subject did you excel in and which was a struggle? Typically, the subjects we performed best in were those in which we had a real interest and were actively learning, rather than those where we did something just because we were told to and without any additional information. Nutritional therapy is an education at the core. By understanding how particular foods benefit our body – and how other foods do not – you can learn to make informed decisions about food, and appreciate how it will directly support your weight loss.

More than that, nutritional therapy approaches weight loss with a far deeper and holistic approach. Looking at the body systems, we can lean whether things are functioning as they should and whether there is something “blocking” your weight loss. It might be that you have a hormone imbalance, that you are sensitive to certain foods and that your body isn’t processing these properly. By testing for these problems and correcting them, your weight loss will be more successful and you may enjoy a healthy relationship with food for the rest of your life.

A Full, Healthy Life Through Nutritional Therapy

Weight loss and nutritional therapy

The yo-yoing, the loss of motivation, and jumping onto “the next best thing” that often comes

hand-in-hand with commercial diets doesn’t happen with nutritional therapy. Your nutritional therapist is a source of support and knowledge, meaning if there is anything you are unsure of or you need an extra little push in the right direction, the support system is there. Nutritional therapy also encourages an exciting and educated journey with food that the generic diets tend not to. Rather than feeling like a slave to your diet, nutritional therapy helps with weight loss because it is a positive journey in which you can enjoy the immediate benefits of delicious and nutritious food. These benefits may include more energy, a healthy gut, a clear complexion, and a general sense of wellbeing.

The Little Black Dress Plan

Little Black Dress Plan

Before you go, I want to share my eBook, the Little Black Dress Plan. Put together for the festive season, it is a fantastic introduction to healthy eating that can be enjoyed by everyone! A 21-day food plan, you can enjoy this as a FREE DOWNLOAD for the next two weeks only! Simply click here to download your copy.

For a bespoke approach to your weight loss, get in touch today to learn more about my nutritional therapy programmes or to book your consultation.

In the meantime, here are a few fantastic recipes to get you started:


Buckwheat Pancakes


Big Green Frittata


Healthy Chicken and Veg Curry

Healthy Snack

Muesli Muffins

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