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How to Have a Healthy Easter

Easter feels like a bit of a free hit for some of us, we wouldn't usually sit down and east vast

amounts of chocolate but for some reason we see no problem with doing this at

Easter! Whether we like it or not, certain times of the year and holidays come with some

unhealthy food traditions. Being healthy isn't about making yourself miserable, and like

everyone else you should embrace these seasonal urges. What is important however, is that

you aren't going over the top on sugary Easter eggs and all other manner of chocolate

products. If you follow my advice in this blog, then you can enjoy your Easter treats without

having to worry about the repercussions.

This little guy will be eating organic this Easter

First Things First, Let's Talk Chocolate

Chocolate is the food we associate most with this time of year and indeed the food that we

get the most excited for. Chocolate is not inherently bad for you, it all depends on the type

of chocolate you are eating and, of course, the amount!

We all know that dark chocolate is a much healthier alternative to milk chocolate, but not

enough people choose to eat it over its milky alternative, and certainly not enough children!

flavanols which can naturally be found in organic dark chocolate, have been proven to have

a positive impact on lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow.

You can buy dark chocolate with some excellent flavours, such as pure peppermint oil,

ginger, almonds, chilli, goji berries and even probiotics. One of my favourites is a simple dark

chocolate with sea salt, which works surprisingly well! If you look in supermarkets and

chocolatiers you will be able to find a great range of dark chocolate eggs in a variety of

flavours. Whether it's for you, your partner or your kids, give dark chocolate Easter eggs a

try. But remember, although dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, it should still

only be eaten in sensible amounts - a couple of pieces at a time.

Easter chocolate is tasty, but only eat in reasonable amounts

Make Your Own Easter Treats

If you would like to make your own healthy dark chocolate treats this Easter then try one of

my recipes below:

These recipes don't use any added sugars or processed products but instead combine

natural ingredients like fruit, nuts and raw cacao powder to make a healthy snack which you

won't feel guilty about eating or giving to the kids. The reason I love to make my own snacks

is that that way I know exactly what's going in and don't have to worry about any hidden

ingredients! Also, by using these recipes as a base, you can add in your favourite nuts and

fruits to tailor your dark chocolate snacks to your taste!

Start the Day Right with Organic Eggs not Easter Eggs

Instead of waking up and tucking into an Easter egg, why not make a delicious breakfast for

you and your family this Easter Holiday? Eggs make a great breakfast; high in protein, they

make you feel fuller for longer, giving us plenty of energy. Eggs are very versatile allowing

you to create a different type of breakfast each time. My two favourite ways to eat eggs is by

making pancakes with a sweet or savoury topping - try my Buckwheat Pancake recipe and

my “green omelette”. (For sweeter pancakes, drizzle some organic maple syrup on top).

Proper Easter eggs

My 3 Easter Tips

  • Always choose dark chocolate over milk, and don’t overeat it.

  • Try making your own Easter treats.

  • Start your day with real eggs and leave the chocolate for later.

Enjoy a Nutritional Easter

I hope that you all have a lovely Easter and manage to find the time to make your own

personal Easter treats. If you do, then please let me know how you get on! If you have

enjoyed reading this blog, then head over to my Blog Page to read some more about making

healthy lifestyle choices. If you would like to have a chat about these healthy lifestyle

choices then book yourself in for a free 30 minute discovery call and we'll take it from there.

Happy Easter!

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