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A Healthier Christmas List

When it comes to the Christmas food shop, it is often the heftiest haul of the year. With parties left right and centre, and the cold winter weather right at the front door, it feels almost compulsory to indulge your sweet tooth and those delicious savoury comfort food cravings. But just because you're indulging doesn't mean you need to fill up on junk food. There are healthier ways to tweak your festive favourites, as well as an array of delicious alternatives to the traditional Christmas treats which will entirely satisfy both the sweet and savoury lovers out there. In this blog, I wanted to offer you a few tips on my favourite, guilt-free Christmas treats to add to your basket!

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It seems only fitting to start with the pièce de résistance of Christmas food, the Christmas dinner. Loaded with festive favourites from pigs in blankets to crispy roast potatoes drizzled in gravy, the Christmas dinner is a delicious but indulgent tradition. The elements which make up the plate, like the roasted meat, the stuffing and the goose-fat roast potatoes, can all be high in fat or have added saturated fats – this can make for a very unhealthy serving. In fact, it is thought that that the average Brit will have twice their recommended daily amount (RDA) in just one sitting at Christmas! Below I have included a couple of alternative recipes which will definitely make for a healthier plate this Christmas:


Switch out the heavily oiled, fatty potatoes for these deliciously aromatic potatoes, without compromising on taste or crispiness!

Healthier Christmas

Traditionally, stuffing is made with an abundance of meat drippings, butter and breadcrumbs to give it that delicious savoury flavour that we all know and love. This apricot and almond stuffing recipe is a much lighter, but equally as tasty, alternative to this Christmas favourite.

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Sharing the limelight with the Christmas dinner is all of the delicious sweet treats that make an appearance during the festive period. Advent calendars are just the beginning – throughout this time, we are all guilty of indulging ourselves with tasty, chocolate treats or that extra serving of cake “just because it’s Christmas”. Whilst I condone enjoying a little extra tastiness during the Christmas period, there are ways you can indulge without setting yourself back too much. Below are some of my own recipes which will hopefully replace some of your sugary, calorific treats this Christmas.

Let these fruity, sweet and sticky treats replace the processed, sugary chocolates that are rife during the Christmas period. Dates are a wonderfully healthy alternative, as they are full of natural sugars which make them just as tasty (if not more so!) than your everyday sweet treat!

Healthy Christmas

I devised this cake to support those with blood sugar problems such as diabetes, pre-diabetes and gut conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. However, it is also great as a delicious, low GL substitute for the real thing, as long as you stick to a small/medium slice. Do note, however, because it has a low sugar and alcohol content, it will not keep for more than a week, but can be frozen.

Healthy Christmas


One of the biggest setbacks that people will feel this Christmas is the effects of alcoholic beverages. It is no revelation that Christmas occasions often go hand in hand with drinking. Even if you are not a big drinker, just one glass of wine or one beer is incredibly calorific and will take up much of your RDA. Spread across the entire festive period, it can really make a difference to your health. Why not try some non-alcoholic alternatives this Christmas to ensure you are maintaining healthy balance in your intake. Below is a great recipe for a non-alcoholic mulled wine. Although still a little indulgent, it can make a refreshing break from the heavy alcohol consumption this Christmas.

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Nutritional Therapist Manchester

If you’re looking for a little advice on how to incorporate healthier choices into your Christmas shop, or some more tips and tricks about tasty, nutritional recipes, please head to my website to find out how to get in touch, and also more on how a few small changes can make a big difference this Christmas. I look forward to hearing from you!

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