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4 Meals to Support You Through the Festive Season

The festivities are finally upon us, Christmas music is playing through the radio and around supermarkets, the work dos, nights out with friends, family events, and the regret for not getting the Christmas shopping and turkey order in earlier is building. Undoubtedly, Christmas is a time for family, fun and joy, but it can certainly take its toll on our bodies.

In last week’s blog, we had a look at some of the best self-care activities to keep us feeling calm and positive in the madness of the festive season. One of those activities included a healthy and nutritious approach to food. As a nutritional therapist, I not only have great interest in the way good food can truly transform our lives, I also have a great deal of knowledge which I love to share. With that in mind, here are four fantastic meals which will help you keep your energy up, the gut happy, and the immune system working well; plus a few of my favourite winter drinks for good measure.

Healthy Chicken Veg Curry