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5 In-Season Smoothies to Boost Working-Hours Energy this Autumn

Autumn smoothies

As we hurry along into autumn, the days are becoming ever-shorter, the temperatures cooler, and our bodies are telling us to hibernate rather than to seize the day. At work, it can be especially difficult to keep our energy up around this time of year. The much suffered 3pm slump hits harder and our immune systems are tested by the inevitable office flu that seems to stick around from November until spring.

As a nutritional therapist, I am fascinated by the power of food. By understanding how particular foods affect our bodies, I can educate individuals, families, entire companies on the food we should be eating in order to support and reach our optimal health. With that said, I want to share some easy, delicious and energy-boosting smoothies that are sure to keep you focused and proactive throughout the working day this Autumn.

Energy-Boosting Smoothie No.1 - Pear and Ginger Smoothie

Autumn smoothies

With anti-inflammatory and digestion-easing properties, ginger has long been hailed a medicinal spice. The fact that it is warming and delicious is a bonus! Add to that a sweet autumnal pear and a helping of spinach and your day is sure to be fuelled from the moment this touches your lips. It is energy and immune boosting in one!

Energy-Boosting Smoothie No.2 - Spiced Blueberry and Walnut Smoothie

Autumn smoothies

When we think of ‘superfoods’, blueberries are probably one of the first things that pops into the head. It is no surprise then, that a blueberry-based smoothie has made it into my top 5 energy-boosting smoothies for autumn. Blueberries notably support the immune system and can increase concentration levels. You can read more about the benefits of blueberries here. With a recipe from Pickles & Honey, the combination of blueberries, walnut milk, and cinnamon, is a soothing and flavourful drink. With the addition of protein-packed flaxseeds, you can keep your energy up all day long.

Energy-Boosting Smoothie No.3 - Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie

Autumn smoothie

Since blueberries are so brilliant for the body, here’s another smoothie recipe with blueberries at the base. Tangy yogurt and sweet blueberries – a beautiful and beautifully healthy combination (plus some banana and pomegranate juice). This smoothie can be had as breakfast for a great start to the day, or an easy and energy-boosting workplace snack.

Energy-Boosting Smoothie No.4 – Pumpkin Pie Spiced Smoothie

autumn smoothie

We can hardly do an autumnal blog without mentioning root vegetables. In spite of the name, this energy-boosting smoothie uses the more flavoursome sister to the pumpkin – sweet potato. A fantastic source of carbohydrate (and vitamin C!) sweet potatoes are a far superior source of sustained energy than a short-term sugar fix from a chocolate bar. With banana, dates, almond milk and spices, this is a perfect companion to your working day.

(If you can’t find ‘pumpkin pie spice’, a dash of cinnamon will do the trick)

Energy-Boosting Smoothie No.5 - Energy Burst Smoothie

autumn smoothie

The final smoothie is one of my own and a favourite for when I’m feeling a little sluggish. Appropriately named Energy Burst Smoothie, you’ll be pleased to hear it does exactly that. I use a coconut milk base, but you could use oat, almond or brown rice milk if you would prefer. Blended with nuts and seeds, spinach, dates and banana, this smoothie is packed with flavour and the energy to keep you working well throughout the day.

Keeping energy levels up during the day is as important as it is simple to do. If your workplace is struggling with their productivity this autumn, why not get in touch to discuss a corporate nutritional therapy plan? You can learn more about the corporate packages here.

In the meantime, enjoy your day with a helping of energy and sip of deliciousness!

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