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Give Your Digestive System A Break After Easter

If you've over-eaten, your gut needs a break

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter! However, if you’ve had a bit of a binge then it’s time to give your digestive system a much needed break following those sugary and fatty Easter-time treats. After processing larger quantities of food which it is not usually the norm, our digestive system can be overworked and in need of a rest. This can make you feel tired and sluggish, perhaps even a little irritable and cause bloating and discomfort, just like at Christmas time! What I will always recommend to friends and clients alike who suffer from these bouts of digestive fatigue, is to give your gut a break!

Have a Juice or Smoothie

Smoothies and juices are great for this purpose. Made up mostly of vegetables, they work well as a replacement for either breakfast or lunch. Vegetables in liquid form are far easier for a tired digestive system to process and are packed full of other benefits too. Smoothies and juices give you the freedom to blend or juice your favourite fruit and vegetables together to make your own personal favourite nutritional drink. However, remember to never use more than two pieces of fruit as this is simply too much sugar! To enhance digestive benefit try adding some fresh ginger or mint leaves.

Have a smoothie or juice to give your gut a break

Having a juice or smoothie in place of your breakfast or lunch will give your gut that much needed break, and a nutritious boost of vitamins and minerals, without the hard work of having to break the food down. Here are a few of my recommended recipes for your post-Easter digestive break which are all well-balanced alternatives to a meal:

Don't Consistently Replace Meals

I am suggesting replacing one meal only and do not recommend using a juice or smoothie replacement for any longer than this without supervision from a Nutritional Therapist. If you have a medical condition or are on any medication, please consult your doctor before going ahead with any change in diet.

Another way to rest your system is to leave a 12 hour gap between your evening meal and breakfast the following morning. This is known as a period of intermittent fasting which allows for recovery time from previous overeating. When the digestive system rests it has time to get on with recovery and symptoms such as bloating, stomach pains and discomfort can often be diminished. Once you have tried 12 hours you can extend this by an extra hour for an even greater effect. So you would have dinner at 7.00pm and breakfast at 8.00am the following morning without anything in between. Recent research is showing the body will go into recovery mode in it’s desire to self-heal, when resting from eating. But more about that in a later blog!

3 Tips for a Digestive Break

  • If you have over indulged, give your digestive system a break by choosing a smoothie or juice in place of one meal.

  • Use a maximum of 2 fruits per juice, with the rest being vegetables to avoid any sugar rush

  • Try some intermittent fasting by leaving a 12 hour gap between your evening meal and breakfast the following morning for 2 days in the week following Easter.

For more information on how to support any digestive issues you may have and to learn more, book yourself in for a free 30 minute discovery call. I look forward to hearing from you.

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