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Take Charge of Your Change

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Empowered by nutritional therapy

Taking control of your health is essential to living life to the full!

It is extremely empowering when you realise that we all have the ability to make positive changes, which can alter the course of your health journey and those around you in a very positive way.

As it is “Take Charge Of Your Change” week during the month of July, here are my 5 top tips for you to take charge of yours and your family’s health.

Take charge & make change – for you and all the family

Time and time again we set ourselves unachievable goals, which leave us feeling demotivated when we think we have failed. I believe the key is to set simple and realistic goals that work for you and all the family and that fit into your current busy schedules.

TIP 1 – Be The Food Decider In Your Home.

We all know it can be difficult trying to stop the family reaching for those unhealthy snacks. I find a great way to combat this is to always have lots of brightly coloured fresh vegetables cut up, dressed with some cubes of cheese, avocado or a hard boiled egg, always at arm’s reach. Including protein like this will give better energy and curb any hunger pangs. Your child’s snacking hand is more likely to go for what is right in front of them. A little preparation goes a long way. Snacking has become part of our daily food habits and in most cases it is not essential, so if you’re going to snack make it healthy. SEE MY SUGGESTED SNACK LIST

TIP 2 –  Take Charge Of Technology.

Unfortunately, we are all at fault of spending far too much time concentrating on our phones, tablets and the television and not enough time engaging with one another! Try and spend at least an hour of technology-free time with one another everyday.

TIP 3 – Get Outdoors.

With the long days and beautiful weather, spend more time outside as a family. Go for a leisurely walk, a picnic in the park or why not get the whole family together and go berry picking. This is something truly enjoyable for everyone and you will return home with an abundance of delicious, fresh, locally grown berries and other fruits in season.

TIP 4 – Take Charge Of Your Sleep.

The best person to determine how much sleep you need is you. If you feel tired, you probably need more sleep. But did you know the recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours per day. Try to get in those extra hours. Quality of sleep is also very important; the body goes through both physical and mental healing during the night and needs time to do this. Winding down before bed by taking a relaxing bath and reading instead of watching TV can help a great deal.

TIP 5 –  Take Charge Of “Me”.

Be sure to take some time out for yourself! “Me Time” is extremely important for a healthy, relaxed mind, which is equally important as a healthy body. Why not try a daily meditation practice or book yourself in for a relaxing massage? “Me Time” can help to reboot your brain, improve concentration, make you more productive and enhance your relationships.

Here are a couple of book recommendations, which encourage you to take charge of your changes.

Ken Roach – Buy on Amazon

Rangan Chatterjee – Buy on Amazon

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