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Sun Protection

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“Avoiding The Sun Could Be As Dangerous As Smoking. Sunbathers Live Longer”

This was the headline of a recent article I read. Research from Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, based on 30,000 Swedish woman aged 24-64 suggests that frequent sunbathers had a lower risk of developing heart disease or dying from any disease prematurely compared with those that avoided the sun.Vitamin D from the sun’s rays is essential for the healthy functioning of our body and our immune system.

How High Should Your SPF Be ?

SPF 30 provides 97% protection against UVB rays, whilst SPF 50 provides just 1% more. Try Green People suncreams which also contain organic aloe vera, myrrh, chamomile and is high in antioxidants protecting against cell damage and premature ageing.

Green People also have suitable sun lotions for prickly heat suffers and those prone to eczema and skin allergies.

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