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Some Nutritional Suggestions for a Slimmer Summer Figure

Updated: May 29, 2019

Today’s blog is all about how to make some proactive and healthy changes to your food plan for this summer. The suggestions I would like to give you today are easy to apply to your everyday life and will make a real difference if you’re looking to slim down a little for summer. Here’s a quick look at which proteins you should be eating, which carbs are the healthiest and how to get more vegetables into your diet.

How to have a healthy summer

Be Choosy With Your Carbs

Carbohydrates always seem to confuse people, with many thinking that carbs must be cut out completely if they are looking to lose weight. This isn’t necessary, when it comes to carbohydrates it’s all about picking the right ones and eating them in sensible amounts. I always recommend what we call ‘complex carbs’ to my clients, but what are complex carbs?

Complex carbs are made up of longer saccharide chains than other carbs, this means that they take longer to breakdown and are therefore better for slow energy release. Examples of complex carbs are pulses, sweet potatoes, wholemeal pasta and bread, brown rice, parsnips and carrots. These sources of carbohydrate are far healthier and less sugary than white bread, pasta and rice.

Carbohydrates should never take up more than a quarter of your plate! Furthermore, it is important that this portion of your meal is being taken up by the right type of carbohydrates. By avoiding short-stranded white carbs and using brown and complex alternatives, you will be heading the right way for a slimmer figure. It’s also important to bear in mind that complex carbs are a source of fibre, whereas refined white carbs are not. By eating complex carbs your digestive system will function better due to having more fiber in your food plan.

Why are complex carbs good for you?

Plenty of Vegetables

Though it is no secret that vegetables are one of the healthiest foods we can eat, people seriously underestimate the amount of vegetables they should be eating. I try to include vegetables throughout the day and whenever I can into my food plan. For breakfast I will include at least two into a juice or smoothie, for lunch I will make sure I get plenty of leafy greens into a salad and will always make sure that my evening meal is packed with vegetables. Vegetables are also great for those of you who love to snack, if I’m feeling a bit peckish mid-afternoon I like to have some celery and carrot sticks with some homemade hummus.

Salads are a great summer food; they make for a really refreshing lunch on a warm day and are far more hydrating than a sandwich! I always say to my clients that if you can make sure all of your meals are made up of at least half vegetables, then you’re probably getting the right amount! By adding more vegetables to your meals and eating less carbs and proteins, you will find it much easier to lose weight.

How many vegetables should I be eating?

Clean Proteins

When we think of proteins the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is fish and meat. Though meats and fish have health benefits, it is not advisable to eat them every day, and certainly not in every meal! There are however some alternatives. Clean proteins such as beans, pulses and tofu are great alternatives to meat and by eating these you will still be getting all of the protein that you need. As well as these alternative proteins, dairy products are a great source too. Products such as organic eggs and cheeses are easily added to meals and are packed with protein.

When it does come to eating meat and fish, make sure you always go organic and fresh. If you’re buying fish, go for wild caught and when you buy meat, always buy organic and grass-fed options whenever possible.

Try to mix it up with your proteins this summer. Firstly, introduce products such as beans, lentils and tofu. Secondly, limit your meat consumption to once or twice a week and your fish consumption to twice or three times. Thirdly, use organic eggs and cheeses in meals in place of meats and fish. Always make sure that your proteins only account for a quarter of your plate!

Why should I eat eggs?

Slimmer Summer Figure Top Tips

• Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – We need plenty of fluids in summer and drinking plenty of water is really beneficial to weight loss!

• Remember the Plate Division – Half vegetables, a quarter lean proteins and a quarter complex carbohydrates

• Healthy Snacks – Always go for healthy snacks, here are a few of my recipes if you would like some ideas.

If you would like to discuss a summer food plan further, and how to build a slimming 21 day calendar, then click here to book yourself in for a free 30 minute discovery call.

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