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New Year, New You - 2018

Nutritional Therapy for the New Year

The public is bombarded with an overwhelming amount of nutrition information today. What should we eat for optimum health? Which foods support what condition? Organic or not? Sweeteners – how bad? Meat, Vegan or Paleo – what to do ? It is all so confusing.

With this in mind I shall be addressing lots of these questions over the year, so I would like to start by offering you some basic principles for good health.

My 3 Big Nutrition Tips To Kickstart 2018

Hydration – Yes I am always going on about this because it is so important. I have to keep reminding you all to drink 8 glasses of water a day – hot, cold, naturally flavoured (passionfruit & pineapple is my water of the moment) or herbal teas.

Always eat breakfast – This will help set your blood sugar levels for the day. If you eat breakfast it will help curb the craving for sugar that often occurs later in the day.

Eat regularly – It is all about balance. Your body will be much calmer and create better energy with 3 regular meals a day.

The Beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to embrace change for the better and set realistic goals.

I am passionate about helping you so join my New Year, New You programme

This is a realistic and smart way to eat for better health. It will give you the best start to 2018.

Forget fad diets and temporary quick fixes, a sensible approach, such as this programme, will improve your health for the long term.

Are you feeling sluggish, lethargic, tired, over weight or feel you are in need of a reboot? My New Year, New You programme is the solution. It is all about balance.

Rise to the challenge and reset your metabolism. This is a 4 week programme with easy to follow, delicious recipes.

- Accessible anytime, anywhere

- Via a private Facebook group

- So easy to manage even with a busy schedule

- Expert nutritional advice and support

- A New Year, New You resource pack including: a flexible meal planner and recipes

- Facebook Q & A to deal with any questions and challenges

The Programme starts January 22nd for 4 weeks and is available for just £49.

To book your place email

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