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Little Black Dress Plan – How did it go?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Nutritional therapy for the LBD

Pounds and inches were lost, energy increased and sleep quality improved!

The group really benefited from engagement with each other in the private Facebook group and also from being able to ask Susan specific questions.

Feedback was very positive as you will see below and most of the participants said they would like to do it again.

“Good, recipes, new inspiration”

“I tried new ideas which were great”

“The food definitely filled me up and I did not feel hungry”

“Thank you for your encouraging posts throughout the two weeks, and your replies to our comments, it was helpful to know you understood and helped us along.”

These groups will be running throughout the year. The next one starts January 22nd, which is a 4 week online programme, accessible anytime anywhere.

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