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Finding Your Balance

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Find your nutritional balance

With the commencement of Autumn, children going back to school and families back into their routine, it is an excellent time to think about finding your balance.

You may feel sluggish, lacking in energy, over tired, even somewhat disorientated, after coping with the busyness of the holidays, which I’m sure for many of you has been a wonderful and fulfilling family time. But it can throw you off track – choosing foods that you wouldn’t normally eat, not having as much sleep, possibly an upside down routine and no time for yourself (cant wait for those exercise classes in September).

This is an excellent time to take a breath and think about what balance means to you. How do you find your balance?

Finding your balance can mean different things to different people.

The more we apply certain principles the closer we get. Ask yourself “What do I need to do to feel my very best self”. For so many people the first step is to improve digestion. We totally underestimate the effect digestive issues can have on our whole body – do you have any digestive issues or symptoms? Do you suffer from poor sleep? Do you feel tired all the time? Are you surviving on sugary snacks? Do you feel irritable and have difficulty relaxing? Are you STREEEEEEEEEEESSSED?

Start your journey back to balance with these 5 simple tips: –

  1. Always, always, always eat breakfast. This will help balance your blood sugar throughout the day, avoiding big slumps. 3 regular meals a day = BALANCE!

  2. Have dinner at 7pm or earlier, then rest your digestive system with only a herbal tea such as chamomile which will aid sleep. Your sleep will be improved and you will welcome breakfast the following morning. Switch off all technology at least 1 hour before you sleep.

  3. If you need a snack in between meals, make it healthy and balanced. Have an apple with some nuts or 2 oatcakes with nut butter. Another great snack is my almond and date shake, try it. This will make you feel fuller for longer balancing your blood sugar.

  4. Hydrate! People underestimate the importance of hydration! We need water for a healthy digestive system. Drink it warm, cold, with lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, ginger, cinnamon and pear. Find your taste and find your way!

  5. Get your body moving. Exercise releases serotonin, creating that feel good factor. If you haven’t moved much over the summer it’s time to get your body back in to balance. Go for regular walks and try these great 5-10 minute youtube bursts.

This is the start of finding your balance. It is different for all of us but listen to your body and give it what it needs.

These 5 tips are a great start. There are many more things we can do to find our balance. For more information or for further guidance with any digestive issues you may have, please contact me.


M: 07887880190

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