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Bereavement -To Stress or Not To Stress

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Bereavement and nutritional support

Bereavement is a difficult subject to talk about and a hard journey for all of us. I know from my own personal experience of bereavement that good nutritional support can help make this journey easier. It won’t make the experience shorter or less painful, but the right nutrition can make your body stronger and more able to cope.

As stressful and challenging as it is, supporting yourself in the right way can make an enormous difference. Having experienced this both before my Nutritional training and just recently, unfortunately once again, the difference with Nutritional Therapy experience under my belt has been so significant that I wanted to share it with you.

I recall feeling like I was sleep walking with very sore eyes and going from one extremely strong cup of tea to the next with whatever sugary snack I had around to keep me going. By the end of it I was experiencing constant headaches which I believe came from endless cups of tea and no water – no real hydration and only refined sugar for my energy – short lived and making me feel irritable and tired.

Throughout the second very sad loss I was sipping warm water with ginger and lemon which calmed my digestive system down and helped with nausea. I made juices with the essential nutrients which I knew I would require to support long nights in hospital and also that feeling of not wanting to really eat anything at all. Chamomile tea calmed me in the evening and helped with sleep.

Are you the type where your stomach closes up and you can’t eat anything due to your level of anxiety? Or are you the type that might eat mindlessly to keep going? Consuming quick energy foods such as, chocolates, sweet snacks and sugary drinks. Each bite provides a little comfort and a short burst of energy, but that doesn’t last very long.

So here is the big message – if you consume foods that support your body and give it all the vital nutrients it needs, you will come out of such a difficult time in a much stronger way.

Stress Busting

  • Water, water, water – stay hydrated and carry your water with you wherever you are. Adding some lemon and ginger will help with digestion and nausea.

  • Keep nutritious snacks in your bag or car:

Almonds for some protein

Nuts and Seeds for essential fats


All the above give small amounts of energy and support blood sugar balance so that energy can be released more slowly and effectively.

  • Make a “quick meal box” – throw together some salad, cold chicken or salmon with a simple olive oil, lemon juice and Himalayan salt dressing and take it with you for long hours in hospital. Or if you have leftovers from the night before – warm and throw into a meal thermos and take with you – should stay hot for a few hours.

  • Make my delicious Coconut Berry Boost Smoothie

Support from good nutrition

This was my go to, when I didn’t feel like eating – I was able to sip this slowly to keep me going through out the day.

  • Herbal teas are very soothing and calming. Try some chamomile for sleep or mint to calm digestion.

On my journey I realised that small positive changes build a strong foundation over time, which eventually lead to much more resilience, making you stronger.

The more you do the more you want to do. The more choices you make to benefit your health, the more positive choices you want to make. Your energy levels increase, you are not as tired and you enjoy a more positive attitude. My body was a lot more resilient, having had a few years of eating a healthy food plan most days.

Be sure to let me know how you get on.

If you want some more advice or a one to one consultation get in touch now!


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