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Raise Your Game – 5 Simple Healthy Tips

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

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How many of you watched Wimbledon over the last 2 weeks? Federer has now made history with 8 Wimbledon triumphs. The journey of “super human” Federer has not been an easy one. But then to reach such heights takes real dedication and tenacity. He displayed such composure and skill, coupled with a real winning attitude. He was a true champion through and through. Federer said he took time out when he needed to, in order to become that champion and realise his dream. “The best thing to me is being healthy, and I kept on believing”.

We all feel at some point in our lives that we want to raise our game and become a healthier version of ourselves. We can all do something, however large or small, to improve the way that we feel.

Summer is here, let’s raise our game and glow from the inside out. Let’s feel and look our best.


Fight fatigue, increase your energy, drop a couple of pounds and sleep better!

Here are some simple tips:

  • Balance – eat 3 meals a day – skipping meals encourages sugar cravings.

  • Enjoy HEALTHY snacks – 2 oatcakes and hummus/cottage cheese/ nut butter, ½ an avocado, chopped veg with hummus, nuts & seeds. Check out more snack recipes.

  • For a little summer weight loss replace one meal a day with my delicious juices or smoothies.

  • Hydrate – WATER, WATER – drink 2 litres a day and replace teas and coffees with herbal teas.

  • Get moving – the weather is good, include 30 minutes a day of walking, fast walking or running (depending on your level), 5 times a week:

- Consider walking to work or park your car further away from your destination,

- Take the stairs instead of the lift,

- Find a friend to exercise with,

- When dinner is in the oven, use this time to go for a walk and come back with an appetite. Exercising before your meal has greater benefits.

If you would like some professional advice and to find out more about achieving your health goals please contact me on:


M. 07887880190

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