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Nutritional Therapy Group Sessions

Bring a Nutritional Therapist into Your Workplace

A drop in productivity, a fall in team morale, the 3pm slump; there are lots of problems that can be solved by deciding to support the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Most of us will spend around 40 hours a week in the workplace – which is a pretty significant chunk of our conscious hours. Enabling the workplace to become a supportive, healthy and positive environment will not only see productivity soar but will also ensure the wellbeing and respect of the people who matter most at work –your employees.

corporate nutritonal therapy plans

Corporate Nutritional Therapy Packages

Corporate nutritional therapy isn’t a very new concept, but its rise in recent years is really exciting. Whether you have 20 employees or 200, 4 or 40, I can offer a range of nutritional therapy packages that can give a real boost to your team’s health and wellbeing.

Below you will find the various options available to form a corporate nutritional therapy package which is right for you and your team. Whether it's one option, a mix and match, or the full package, my corporate plans will truly benefit your business.


Just let me know!  

Nutrition seminar

"Good health IS good business."

Nutrition Seminar

Awareness is a wonderful thing and sometimes an interactive nutrition talk is all your employees need to get stuck into their health kick. The seminar can be tailored to your workplace and will include hand outs with some top nutrition tips. 


Drop-In Nutritional Health Clinic

In a 20 minute drop in session I can provide your employees with an individual health assessment which includes a body composition analysis, a chat about their nutritional norms, any health issues, and some tips to take away on how they may immediately improve their health and nutritional habits.

workplace detox

Workplace Detox 

How is nutrition affecting the wellbeing of your employees and what can be done to improve it? 

The workplace detox looks at exactly that. More water dispensers, blending stations, healthy snack vending machines, Free Fruit Fridays or Wellness Wednesdays, a kitchen detox; as a Nutritional Therapist I can analyse the current nutrition options and suggest what can be done to improve the concentration and energy levels of your team, and support their health whilst at work. 

team nutrition

Team Nutrition Programme

What better way to motivate your work’s move to healthy living than with teamwork? My team nutrition programmes usually consist of a 3-6 week meal plan. This will be created to include in-season produce, a shopping list and step-by-step recipes. I also create a group on Facebook so that employees can share their experiences, ask questions, and feel supported. The team nutrition programme can also incorporate a workplace exercise programme. 

juicing and blending

Demonstrations – Juicing and Blending

A lot of people have jumped on board with the juicing and blending craze. Jam packed with fruits, you probably feel as though you’re doing some good for your body. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. What you may be doing is pushing your way down the path to type-2 diabetes! 

As a Nutritional Therapist, I can do really fun and informative juicing and blending demonstrations. Rather than throwing together a bunch of random ingredients, I can explain to your employees the importance of getting the right balance and which combinations can really support them through the working day.  

Educate, Encourage, Empower

Is it time for a health overhaul and happiness boost in your workplace? Get in touch today to discuss the best corporate nutritional therapy package for you.

You can get in touch using the contact form. Alternatively you can get in touch via email;

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